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Smiling for Dollars!

In the news recently------- Research at the University of Missouri-Kansas City shows we perceive people, who smile more often than frown, as much younger-looking than their age. That same research also concluded that smiling makes people look thinner (and fitter!) to those they meet. While a great smile might not guarantee prospective older candidates a job, it’ll at least get you on a short list.

Perceived as older and less employable is grossly discriminatory against older workers, but it’s a policy that could be costing the U.S. economy over $850 billion a year! However, some prospective older job applicants, or those who feel their appearance makes them less employable, have learned to “rig” a highly biased system in their favor. They’re doing this by looking more attractive and younger-looking with dental procedures, such as Invisalign for a better smile…and they earn more than the “non-smiling” competition.

Does it really work? Are people who look younger, slimer, and more attractive, really earn more than their older-looking and more “frownier” counterparts? Once again, research tells us YES! It turns out that workers who appear more attractive and beautiful - something that a great smile often accentuates – “earn about 10 to 15 percent more than workers of below average beauty.

And smiling more isn’t just great for your professional, financial, and social life. Research, published in the Psychological Science journal, by academics from the University of Kansas, has long proved that a smile – even a “forced one” – has long-term health benefits for smilers. It helps reduce stress levels, and contributes to overall happiness. But with orthodontic devices, such as clear aligners, there’ll be no need to fake your smile. A great set of teeth automatically puts you in a great mood, which prompts you to smile more often than frown.

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