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Feel Better

After completing treatment in our office enjoy better health and the security that your dental health is being monitored by experts.

Cleanings and Gum Treatment

Your mouth is the gateway to a healthy body. and you can't have good health without healthy gums.  Our trained experts will evaluate your gum health and perform treatment as needed along with thorough home care instruction to get your gums in tip top shape!

Cleanings and Gums

Beautiful White Fillings

Repair cavities and unsightly old mercury fillings with beautiful natural looking resin composite.  

White Fillings

Dental Implants

We use quality Zimmer dental implants to replace missing teeth and provide fantastic stable support for dentures.  Check our Specials section to see the latest pricing!

dental implant_2.jpg
Dental Impants
dental root canal_3.jpg

Root Canals

Lets face it - this procedure doesn't have the best reputation but it enables you to keep a natural tooth that would otherwise have to be removed.  Performed properly they're predictable and long lasting.  Our expert dentists will make sure you're thoroughly numbed before the procedure with appropriate medications after,  

Root Canals

Extractions and Bone Grafts

When a tooth has to go it has to go.  Our trained experts can remove a problem tooth and replace the space left behind with a bone grafting procedure to insure smooth quality healing and the perfect place for a dental implant. 

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