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Thanks Chicago!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hello blog world I'm Dr Mark Morris. Twenty years ago I moved to Chicago from Atlanta and eighteen years ago I started Dental Salon with the goal of it being the best dental practice in our great city. It has been quite a journey. We've treated many thousands of patients in Chicago and Schaumburg. The name implies a premium experience and I believe we deliver that while keeping dental care accessible to as many people as possible. We literally do everything involving teeth and we provide convenience with hours and location that few places offer. Although we take our work seriously we try not to take ourselves too seriously and strive for welcoming and approachable visits for our patients. Patient care is the foundation of what we do and always will be. There is no higher calling than someone placing their trust in you for taking care of their health and we will never lose sight of that - not while I'm around. I want to thank the Chicago community for the support we've received and the great experience we've had the last 18 years. Here's to 18 more!

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